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SiB™ coming in 2023, to
major retailers near you!

Introducing... the SiB™
A small, ring-box sized connected device.
The "swiss-army-knife" of IoT (Internet of THINGS).
Can perform multiple tasks,
and with appropriate, inexpensive add-ons,
can sense or control almost anything!

The SiB™ can be setup in only a minute
with a minimal amount of information,
and can immediately be deployed..

The SiMP™ App presents a number of preset
SiB™ programs, all of which are available at
a click of a button. Literally..

The SiB™ can...

monitor your soil
moisture and sunlight,
help you garden!

The SiB™ can...

report the temperature
control your air conditionning
and heating

The SiB™ can...

secure your home
alert you of access

The SiB™ can...

add a doorbell
notify you even when
you're not home.

The SiB™ can...

monitor for flooding
and notify you,
even when you're away

The SiB™ can...

alert you when
your freezer fails
or is left open...

The SiB™ can...

locate your lost pet
or notify you when
your pet leaves the property.


The SiB™ Family

Follow the SiB™ Family as they discover the SiB™ and all it's capabilities!

SiB™ Inside

Learn about the SiBâ„¢, how it works, and hear a message from our CEO.
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