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About Us

TraiTel Technologies was founded in 2012 by Eli Traitel (CEO of TraiTel Telecommunications), a seasoned information technology expert with a passion for electronics and hardware design. With the assistance of Alain Lapalme who at the time had been lead software engineer of (TraiTel Telecommunications) for almost 10 years, a new company was formed with a focus on creating technology that would enable large retail businesses who are (limited in ability to gather intelligence on their own customers), to offer a low cost, quality product accessible to all, that would open up a channel of ongoing and direct communication between those businesses and their customers.

By early 2018, the company had successfully developed its first hardware / software combined solution that can be best described as the "swiss army knife" of electronic devices. An electronic device so versatile that is capable of doing over 40 different tasks which are configured by software depending on the requirements of the user. Limited only by imagination, this device is capable of being used in an endless number of applications, simplifying people's lives and serving a purpose that was previously attained by products of significantly higher cost and out of the reach of the common person.

Through extensive R&D, all of the above was achieved in a package equivalent to a very small "ring box" and at a price point that is affordable to all, as a matter of fact, under the cost of a typical fast food meal for one.


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