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The SiMP™ App

What is SiMP™?

The SiMP™ App is a secure messaging app for mobile phones. SiMP™ includes many features users have come to expect from messaging apps, including group chats, photo and video sharing, voice chatting, appointment tracking, contact management and so much more.

SiB™ and SiMP™?

What makes SiMP™ special is, unlike other messaging platforms, SiMP™ allows your Internet-connected SiBs™ to message you through the SiMP™ messaging app; your SiBs™ are essentially contacts! As such, your SiBs™ can even be programmed to send messages to your contacts. This makes SiB™with SiMP™ an ideal solution for needs such as an emergency alert button, where multiple contacts can be notified the moment your SiB™ is pressed.

For simplicity, SiMP™ includes a number of ready-to-use SiB™ programs you can install simply by selecting the program and pressing your SiB™!

Programming the SiB™ in SiMP™

For advanced users, SiMP™ allows 2-way communication with your SiB™. This means you can issue commands that your SiB™ will directly read and action. For example, if you send the TEMP command, then press your SiB™, you will receive a reply from your SiB™ with the current temperature.

More complex programs can be written, like this one; which measures the current temperature, and alerts two contacts if the temperature is freezing or below freezing.

As you can see, programming the SiB™ happens entirely within SiMP™, through the use of a set of simple, easy to understand commands. SiMP™ removes the need to learn a complicated programming language, compiling and flashing firmwares, and opens up the SiB™ to non-programmers.

To explore our command set, Click Here.

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