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Tutorial Videos

Alarm Door

Alarm Window

Bedroom AC Control

Close the Window!

Door Bell

Emergency Button

Fridge Temp

Front Door Emergency

Kitchen Emergency

Pairing Your First SiB

Watch a demonstration of the simple process of pairing your SiB to SiMP.

Pill Reminder

Portable Emergency

Protection for Your SiB

Learn how to protect your SiB from the elements with this handy silicone cover!

Senior WellBeing

Shower Bathroom Emergency

Shutter Remote

Remote Control Shutter

SiB as a Thermometer

Explore the various applications the SiB can serve as a simple Internet-connected thermometer.

Smart Garage Door

Smart Light

Smart Light / Control

Smoke Detector

Story Teller

Sweet Dreams


The UPS Store

The SiB can be used for many different reasons and here it is being used to alert customers when new letters or parcels arrive!


Thermostat Remote

Unboxing Your SiB

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant

Water Detector

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