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TraiTel Technologies is now raising funds to enhance its production facilities and add staff. If you are interested in finding more about investing in TraiTel Technologies, please contact us for more information.

Company Profile

TraiTel Technologies was established to create, manufacture and sell the SiB and its accessories. The SiB, Smart Internet Button, is a game changing technology for both home and business. It is a small ring-box sized self-powered, wireless internet-connected button. In connection with the SiMP app, it can be programmed to send an instant message (or electronic instruction) dictated by its owner to anyone specified by its owner in response to conditions designated by its owner. This is done through easy menus for existing programs or through a flexible coding interface to create new SiB solutions.

Our Team

Our team is a combination of entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals who see the potential of the SiB and have come together to bring it to its potential and to the world.

Update and News

Simple internet Button (SiB) Wants to Democratize the Internet of Things

SiB Programmable Smart Button

TraiTel Technologies Launches a $5 New Way to Smarten Any Device With the SiB Kickstarter Campaign

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