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Programming the SIB™

Modes of Operation

The SiB™ can operate in SiB™ mode (default), and in SID mode.

In SiB™ mode, the SiB™ is powered down most of the time. The SiB™ will wake up only from receiving a button press, and run a short program before powering down again. In SiB™ mode, multiple programs can be stored and run, triggered by different sequences of button press. For example, the SiB™ can run one specific program when the button is pressed only once, and run a separate program if the button is double-clicked.

SID mode is designed for long-running programs. SID-Mode programs are ideal for sensors that regularly need to be tested, and other tasks that are timed or automated. SiB™-Mode programs can also be created to run at specific times.

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