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Programming the SIB™

Programs in SiB™ Mode

Every program created in SiB™ mode must be named appropriately. The program names in SiB™ mode represents the sequence of button presses that are needed to activate the specific program. The SiB™ recognizes two types of button presses: short (B), and long (L).

The default program, a program actionned by a single-press, is named "S" (one short press).
A program that needs to run when the SiB™ is pressed twice, on the other hand, would be named "SS".
Complex combinations can be created, with up to 5 button presses detected. "SSSLL", for example, would require 3 short presses followed by two long presses.

A program can be created in a single IM. To do so, simply start the IM with the command PROG, followed by the name of the program (eg: PROG S); then on the next line(s), add the commands you wish to run.

For example:
IM Hello!
IM Goodbye!
This will instruct the SiB™ that when it is pressed once, it should send the message Hello!, then wait 10 seconds, and then send the message "Goodbye!" before powering off again.

To send a program to your SiB™, simply create the program in an IM in your SiB™'s control chat, click send, and then press your SiB™ to receive the program.

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