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Programming the SIB™

The emergency program, similar to the "I Love You" program, simply sends an 'Alert' IM to one or more recipients.
; ALERT sends an 'alert' IM to SiMP users
; it can send the alert to one, or multiple recipients
; the IM plays a different notification sound on the recipient mobiles,
; is louder, and is highlighted on the app itself.
ALERT 12345551111,12345551222 Help! I need Help!

; an SM (silent message) is sent back to the owner of the SiB
; acknowledging the SiB performed it's function
; the message does not play a notification.
SM Emergency alert has been sent via IM

Simply modify the above to include your recipient mobile numbers and message, and send it via IM to your SiB. Press your SiB to receive the program.

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