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Programming the SIB™

Programs in SID Mode

To enter SID mode, send the command: MODE SID

Every program created in SiB™ mode can be given any single-word name, with a maximum of 8 characters. Only letters are accepted in program names. Multiple programs can be stored in SID mode, but only one program is considered "running" at any given time.

A sample SID-mode program:
PROG Frost
TEMP varTemp
IF varTemp<0
IM It is below freezing!
SL 1m
SiB-Mode Programs in SID Mode
It is possible to name your SID mode programs in the same manner as SiB mode programs; that is, using the S and L letters to indicate a program for short, or long click sequences. Programs named this way will work in SID mode as SID programs, but will continue to work when changing to SiB mode as SiB programs. This way, multiple programs can be written and tested in SID mode before switching to SiB mode.

SID-mode programs generally end with the command "LOOP". This command instructs the SID to restart the program from the first line. This allows the creation of programs that continuously run, and repeat tasks, such as testing the temperature, on a specific timed interval. Without "LOOP", a SID program would simply run to the end, and then stop.

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